Sunday, May 23, 2010

By the Sea II - Carpinteria Landscape Oil Painting - 12x12

Sometimes I like to think of my little 6x6 paintings as oil sketches, they let me test out a composition without a huge commitment. And if I do a little sketch that I think turned out well then I would be a little foolish to not make something more out of it right? I'm a little torn on the subject.

But here is a larger version of one of my smaller paintings from a few weeks ago. I'm trying to get a few more large pieces done for a show next weekend. Of course "large" is only 12x12 since that's all I can really fit in our tiny temp apartment. Hopefully when we move I'll convince myself to work on much larger paintings, that would of course take a lot longer than one day.

Oil on hardboard panel, 12x12 inches


  1. Sharon, Love your work, the crispness of color and deliberateness of brush makes each painting really come alive. Great job..

  2. Thanks so much Gerald. I'm glad you found my blog because it made me find yours! You are very talented, I'm really enjoying looking at all your work.