Monday, October 4, 2010

Gray and Gold - Landscape Oil Painting - 12x24

I really like how this painting turned out. Zach said it was like he was "on a roller coaster" ....I don't know why that is, but his responses are getting more creative :)

Oil on canvas, sides painted, 12x24 inches
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I'm also trying to decide on kind of a large purchase. The time has come, I need an easel that can travel with me. I keep going back and forth between the two below. They're similar in price....and they each have pros and cons.

Versa easel
Pros: I already have a tripod (saved expense)
smaller and more lighweight
will carry small panels, and multiple wet panels
Cons: need to attach a tripod
less storage space?

Julian French Easel
Pros: don't have to attach a tripod
has a drawer!
might be better at holding larger canvases
Cons: much heavier
some say it's hard to set up

Does anyone happen to own one of these? Opinions are welcome! I can't decide!


  1. What does the Julian French Easel look like when it's collapsed? It looks like it wouldn't be very fun to move around.

    Maybe the Versa easel with a separate "drawer" would be the best solution.

  2. I have an Open Box M and one of the French easels like you have shown. I believe it is called a Half Easel or something like that because of the size. I travel to workshops and paint outside lots now and I would NOT ever use the Julian one again! haha! It just was too much and cumbersome to set up. The Open Box M is similar the the Easy L except you don't store your panels in there. You use some other form of panel carrier. I prefer keeping my stuff in a backpack (along with the Open Box M and the tripod in the side pocket sticking out) and not having the drawer. You really just squirt out you paint and then put it back up during a painting session. The Open Box M also had side panels you can connect (the Easy L does too) to lay your brushes and other stuff on. Anyway, it is a very personal decision and you may make a couple of purchases before you find what works best for you. I just thought I would throw my experiences out there for you!

  3. is it weird that I TOTALLY get Zach's comment about the painting being like he's on a roller coaster?

  4. Hi Sharon, Edward has these so called Guerrilla Painter® Boxes, they come from the US and I am sure you will find them if you google. They are great for taking along when working outside and they are available in different sizes with a lot of additional gear you can choose. We even customised one ourselves for transporting Edwards daily paintings between studio and office. Anyway hope it helps,
    we bought ours here
    Warm Regards
    Ingrid PA to Edward B. Gordon

  5. Thanks Denise, I think I'm definitely leaning away from the french easel :)

    Thanks so much for your input too Ingrid, I've heard a lot of good things about the Guerrilla boxes.