Thursday, October 7, 2010

Butternut and Fennel - Still Life Oil Painting - 6x6

The original title for this painting was going to be "Butternut and Leek" because that's what I meant to buy. The thing is I had never bought a leek before, I didn't really know what one looked I trusted Albertson's when they told me that this fennel was a leek.

This is how cooking dinner went that night:
"Zach can you google how to chop a leek?" "wait, my leek looks nothing like that" "why does this smell like licorice?" "Zach can you google "vegetable that smells like licorice"?" ....and that's how we discovered it was actually a fennel. Zach laughed at me, and we learned something about vegetables. I'm glad we discovered it before I accidentally made licorice stew.

Oil on panel, 6x6 inches
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